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Loss of memory capacity, or dementia, is one of the greatest fears that Americans have about growing older. Fortunately, there are contributing factors for certain types of cognitive decline that are preventable. Many chronic diseases contribute to memory loss by restricting blood flow to the brain and causing the death of brain cells. Certain chemicals and healthy habits can be beneficial in maintaining your memory capacity and assist you to grow old as gracefully as possible.

Technology has improved our lives in innumerable ways and perhaps the most significant application will be in the area of health and wellness. Unfortunately, individual consumers tend to place less emphasis on health and wellness technologies. Who can blame them when new smart phones, massively multiple online role playing games (MMORPG’s) such as World of Warcraft, and online streaming movie services are being introduced at such a rapid rate. Only the most health conscious of us are willing to invest money in our own health outside of insurance premiums. With the rising cost of healthcare, consumers are becoming increasingly aware that the best way to reduce future costs is to take better care of yourself now.