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The two most common preventable causes of death in the United States are probably two of the hardest health conditions to treat – tobacco abuse and obesity. These two conditions are very complex and multifactorial with psychological and physical components. The saying goes that bad habits are hard to break...

Technology has improved our lives in innumerable ways and perhaps the most significant application will be in the area of health and wellness. Unfortunately, individual consumers tend to place less emphasis on health and wellness technologies. Who can blame them when new smart phones, massively multiple online role playing games (MMORPG’s) such as World of Warcraft, and online streaming movie services are being introduced at such a rapid rate. Only the most health conscious of us are willing to invest money in our own health outside of insurance premiums. With the rising cost of healthcare, consumers are becoming increasingly aware that the best way to reduce future costs is to take better care of yourself now.

It is no mystery that the healthier you are the better you feel. Not only do you feel better, you also look better, and these positive effects transfer to every part of your day to day activities. Despite this common sense knowledge and increased prevalence of health food stores and local gyms, not everyone understands the initial steps they can take to get on the road to healthier and happier living.